My mission is to facilitate communication, connection, compassion and meaning among individuals, groups and communities. I am devoted to supporting human beings as they expand their capacity to feel and to be present with what is. In doing so, they can take care of themselves and others while fulfilling meaningful lives.

About me

Psychologist. Story-listener. Researcher. Educator. Poetess. a.k.a. "The Silentist.".


I'm Olga and I have been studying psychology for more than 10 years (Bachelor degree in psychology, MSc in clinical, health and community psychology and PhD in cultural psychology). I've worked as a psychotherapist, researcher, educator and community leader, while helping others to unfold their sense of belonging and their life purpose. 

I have also devoted many years to my own "soul-work" (and I am still committed to this journey.) In other words, I know it in theory as much as I have embraced it in my practice, that to "change" and/or to "accept" ourselves is challenging. I also would like to reassure you that both processes are possible.

Some people call me the "Silentist" because during my PhD I studied silence-phenomena (i.e. silent experiences in our everyday lives). Indeed, I used both silence-phenomena and poetry as magnifying glasses with which to explore the tensions and the uncertainty that are part of life. How can we turn tension, vulnerability and uncertainty into possibilities to become attentive, appreciative and creative? How can this help us in embracing transformative dialogues?

I am here to share with you the fruits of my labor from throughout my academic and personal journey. Together, we can embrace life's most important questions (which are not necessarily the easiest questions, are they?) in playful, creative and responsible ways. I can support you as you go about finding the poetic nuances in your current life situations.  We can figure out, together, how to take inner dialogues and dialogues with others to the next level. That is, a value-oriented level which brings you closer to fulfilling your life's purpose, one step at the time.

Let's do it together

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"Great communication with the course leader (Lehmann) who is very inspiring. Lectures with lots of involvement, mixed with theoretical presentations. Good implementation of research methods. Good discussions. Olga Lehmann is a star when it comes to being helpful and patient, and she gives great guidance."

Bachelor students in psychology, NTNU (Norway)

"Thank you for a great workshop. We received very good feedback about it. I think often about your theory. When I am in the mountains, in the woods or when I just feel inner peace. I would love to include these topics from your theories when I teach 😊"

Vibeke Gilje Sanne. Sør-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune